7 Pearls For An Elegant Winter Wardrobe | Pearl Necklaces and More

 7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

7 Freshwater & Baroque Pearls For An Elegant Winter Wardrobe

Discover 7 freshwater and Baroque pearls to make your winter wardrobe more elegant. We reveal our favorite pearl necklaces, bracelets and gorgeous pearl drop earrings that will transform your style this fall and give your winter outfits instant glamour.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

1: Holographic Baroque Pearl Earrings

Our baroque pearl earrings are handmade and perfect for fall/winter 2020. This simple, yet elegant accessory will give your winter outfit a subtle sense of royalty. Channel Hollywood icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and take your look to the next level. With an almost holographic sheen, this pair of pearl earrings are a must-have accessory for fall/winter 2020. While pearls carry a vintage charm, their holographic style lends itself to the futuristic style of the new season. Wear with a black turtle neck jumper, red lip and silver-based highlighter.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

2: Statement Silver Baroque Pearl Necklace

This adorable pearl and oyster necklace is the perfect accessory for fall/winter 2020. A symbol of wisdom, perhaps you’ll inherit a couple of pearls of wisdom by wearing this beautiful pearl necklace, as we head towards the New Year and say goodbye to this pretty strange and unpredictable time. Available in silver, rose gold and gold, it will make even a cosy and comfortable outfit, more glamorous. We recommend silver since ‘statement silver’ is a must-wear color for winter 2020, and has been seen on the runway and spotted in Givenchy, Mode and JW Anderson’s collections.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

3: Festive Red Pearl Necklace

As we head towards the holiday season, red is going to be almost everywhere. From terracotta, rust, living coral, burnt orange and primary red, this bold and vibrant color will be the biggest trend for fall/winter 2020. Since red is such a striking color anyway add your style statement over the festive season by wearing this beautiful red pearl necklace. Wear over a little black dress and heels this season, for an effortless nighttime look. Red has been seen in the Alexander McQueen, Thornton Bregazzi and Bottega Venta collection for fall/winter 2020.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

4: Undone Bob Pearl Hair Clip

One of the biggest hair trends for 2020 and as we move into 2021 is the undone bob. This relaxed blunt bob is super cute and easy to maintain. It can be kept casual with sea salt spray or dressed up with elegant hair accessories. That’s why we love this freshwater pearl hair clip for winter 2020. Curl short hair and clip back a few strands just above the ear. Take inspiration from the hit Netflix series, The Queen’s Gambit and ooze elegance and charm this season.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

5: Animal Inspired Accessories

From tigers to snakes, animal-inspired jewelry is going to be everywhere this winter. So, if you want to jump on this trend and update your winter wardrobe, why not add these stunning gold pearl feather brooches to your accessory collection. Choose from pink, white or a purple pearl and wear on the collar of your winter coat, use to secure your scarf in place, or to give your favorite purse an animal-inspired twist. With a 1950s style, they also have a vintage style about them and will certainly catch the eye.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

6: Baroque Pearl Bracelet

Whether you’re Christmas shopping or spending some quality time at home this year, dressing up will really lift your mood and give you a burst of confidence. This year has been pretty difficult and it’s really taught us about the importance of living for the moment. So, celebrate each and every day by wearing something naturally beautiful, just like you! This stunning baroque pearl bracelet has been handmade with 14K gold. Since baroque pearls are naturally unique in their size, shape and color, it really reflects the beauty of Mother Nature and acts as a little reminder to live your life to the full, enjoy each day and never wait to dress up and look your best.

7 pearl necklaces, bracelets and more

7: Snowdrop Baroque Pearl Necklace

Finally, we come to our beautiful snowdrop inspired baroque pearl necklace. Whether you get to experience a white Christmas or not this year, you can wear baroque pearls through this magical season that almost look like mini snowballs. With a 14K gold chain, this baroque pearl necklace will transport you from winter through to spring, giving your outfits a new elegant upgrade.

Whether you fall in love with our collection of baroque pearl necklaces, or you add vintage charm with our pearl bracelets, transform your winter wardrobe with the natural beauty of pearls. Feel free to check out our current sale and save yourself more by shopping online for freshwater and baroque pearl accessories from Huge Tomato.

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