A Pearl For Every Occasion | Bridgerton Glamour With Pearl Jewelry

A pearl for every occasion

A Pearl For Every Occasion

Diamonds may be forever, but pearls are a classic and iconic piece of jewelry for a reason. Pearl jewelry is fun, yet timeless and can be styled to suit all occassions. They are always appropriate, and celebrities throughout the years have been making this clear. From Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s to Harry Styles, you’ll even find them in Netflix’s newest historical-romance, Bridgerton.


They make for an eye-catching indulgence, and the wide variety of styles now available at Huge Tomato allow you to express yourself with pearl necklaces, pearl pendants and pearl earrings. Regardless of whether it’s a socially distanced night out on the town, a casual meeting, or an elegant dinner party; a stunning pearl statement can transform your look in minutes.


The beauty of pearl jewelry is that they allow you to express your unique sense of style and speak your mind through the power of glamour. You gain the ability to obtain a different look and a different attitude every single time. So, whether you’re into more classy combinations, or modern-chic ones, we can guarantee that pearls are a girl’s best friend.


Let’s embark on a journey and take a look at a few different occasions in which you’re able to wear the different types of alluring pearl jewelry.


A pearl for every occasion

An Elegant Bridgerton Inspired Event Calls For Classic Pearls

Let’s face it, it’s hard not to fall in love with the storybook world of Bridgerton. The haze of decadent Georgian villas, countryside manors, old-time English castles, and the classic pearls that are as glamorous, fun, and frothy as the show’s soapy plot. If you haven’t yet binged Bridgerton, what are you waiting for!


Thanks to the endless memorable fashion moments - the show has quickly spawned a movement towards a more decadent dressing, cementing TV’s mega influence over fashion in this day and age. Thus, people all over the world are now partaking in elegant events inspired by Bridgerton, and are slowly bringing back the Regency-era fashion.


Pearl jewelry has not always been accessible to the average woman, and Bridgerton proves this. It shows us that throughout history, pearls have always been signified with wealth, royalty, and power, regardless of the culture. However, now, it’s all changed; and you can be a part of it. Classic pearls will shine during traditional events, like those in Bridgerton. Whether it’s a fancy dinner, an elegant event, or a vintage themed party -  all eyes will be on you.


Freshwater Pearl Jewelry For A Casual Meeting

A flawless, smooth, shining gemstone - the freshwater pearl. A type of jewelry that’s beauty doesn’t lose its charm for all eternity. Often classified based on color, texture, or size, but broadly distinguished based on the origin.


The freshwater pearl is perfect if you’re looking to glow during casual meetings, and can also seriously spice up your outfits if you’re a young and modern lady. Cultured freshwater pearls are the most prominent type of pearl jewelry. The name derives from the fact that they are grown in freshwater lakes which are most commonly based in China, and are all but rare. However, their effect in jewelry is undeniably exquisite.


Baroque Pearls For A Special Occasion 

Your evening gown is the perfect canvas to paint on with Baroque pearls. Out of all the magnificent pearls there are, possibly the most intriguing and the most versatile is the Baroque - maybe due to the fact that they are imperfectly perfect.


Baroque pearls are irregularly shaped, and they come in almost all varieties of South Sea pearls - White or Champagne, Tahitian, Golden, etc. The organic beauty they hold captivates attention, each unique shape more alluring than the next. This is the perfect moment to step up your pearl game, and style up any evening gown for that special occasion.

 A pearl for every occasion

Wedding Day Pearl Jewelry

A classic, yet gorgeous wedding day look - bridal pearls. Bridal pearls are simple, yet perfect - and can be worn long after your wedding day since they’re a fashion staple of fine pearl jewelry.

If you’re going to wear your pearls on your wedding day, think about what you’re going to wear, and how you will wear them. Think about your dress - its’ neckline, length, and proportions. One of the best things about pears is their timelessness. No matter which design you love and when you get married, they’ll also be fashionable and help you look stunning on your big day.

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