Freshwater Pearl Earrings For Spring Summer 2021 | Gift Guide

Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

Freshwater Pearl Earrings For Spring Summer 2021 - New Trend For 2021

For spring/ summer 2021, invest in freshwater pearl earrings. As the New Year is just around the corner, freshwater and baroque pearls will be the next must-have fashion accessory. So, if you’re looking for a beautiful and unique gift idea for your girlfriend, wife, sister or mom, discover 5 incredible pearl earring sets from Huge Tomato. Our online collection of high-quality pearl jewelry makes the perfect Christmas present idea, and you can also save more by checking out our online sale.

The Girl With The Pearl Earring Trend

This famous oil painting by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer depicts a young girl, wearing her hair up in an elegant silk scarf, revealing her beautiful pearl earrings. Painted in 1665, it is now famously known as The Girl With The Pearl Earring. Come the New Year, the modernist pearl will spring into style and jewelry designs will feature asymmetric pearl stud earrings, contemporary baroque pearls and bold statement pearl sets, giving the wearer instant glamour.

Pearls naturally reflect the light and are often considered the ultimate elegant accessory. Having been popular for centuries, we are so excited for 2021, when pearls will be not just a vintage touch, but a modern must-have item. So, let’s take a look at 5 beautiful gift ideas that feature freshwater pearl earrings.

  Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

1: Baroque Freshwater Pearl Earrings

Rather than a classic white sphere, pearls in 2021 will be distinctively different. Baroque freshwater pearls are naturally unique in shape and color, and can range from ivory to purple. With no two freshwater pearl earrings being the same, Baroque pearls are going to be the statement look for Spring 2021. Sourced from lakes, ponds and freshwater, they make an incredible gift idea.

These beautiful freshwater pearl earrings have been handcrafted with 925 silver and made to the highest quality. If you are purchasing a pair of freshwater pearl earrings as a gift, let our team know and we’ll carefully wrap and package your pearl earrings in a cute gift box.

  Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

2: Simple Pearl Stud Earrings

Perfect for a subtle touch of Hollywood glamour, our Baroque round freshwater pearl earrings with diamond detail are handmade and come in a wide range of colors. Pearls are one of the longest standing jewelry trends. Pearls were first worn during the Persian Empire and were also loved by Roman women who would use pearls to decorate their homes. No longer reserved for special occasions, pearls are now going to be worn even with casual outfits, for a laid back style.

 Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

3: Seashell Inspired Pearls

Seashells, gemstones and coin pendants remind us of being on vacation and are going to be super popular for 2021. The warm breeze, soft sand beneath your toes, and the gentle sound of the waves, as they caress the shore, is just bliss! For fond memories of island life, jump on the seashell inspired pearl trend for the New Year and pick up a pair of our beautiful Baroque pearl earrings. A unique gift idea for a loved one that will remind them of exotic destinations and white sandy beaches.

  Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

4: Ladies That Brunch Spring 2021

For the new season, think glamour, statement jewelry and Breakfast At Tiffany’s. Rather than wait for a night out to dress up, the new year is all about formal daywear. So, whether you’re heading out for brunch, catching up with friends over a coffee or running errands, make sure to accessorise in 2021. This ultra-glam daytime look has been inspired by icons such as Coco Chanel, who was rarely seen without pearls around her neck, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany’s and Marylin Monroe. So if you’re thinking about buying jewelry as a gift, choose our gorgeous baroque freshwater pearl earrings hand made with 18K gold.

 Freshwater pearl earrings gift guide

5: Modern Twist On Classic Style

Pearls are typically considered a vintage accessory, but this year, Alessandro and Michele’s Gucci show featured models covered in pearls. When we say covered, we mean literally! The catwalk show included runway models with parts of their faces adorned with pearls, something never been seen before on the runway. As we move into winter and head towards spring 2021, designers such as Dolce&Gabbana, Miu Miu and Prada are also jumping on the creative pearl trend and using pearls to enhance their catwalk looks. For a set of earrings that are easy to wear and super versatile, choose a modern style such as our 18K gold baroque freshwater pearl earrings.


  • These earrings have been fantastic! I love your videos.

    Sono molto belli e luminosi. Io li sto indossando ormai da quasi due mesi non togliendoli mai e non si sono assolutamente rovinati. Un consiglio. La chiusura non è un granchè, ne ho perso uno dopo un mesetto e per fortuna mi è successo di notte e l’ho tovato nel letto. Per ovviare al problema basta soltanto muovere leggermente, veramente di pochissimo per non romperlo, il gancetto mobile che va ad incastarsi nell’orecchino. In questo modo ci sarà alla chiusura dello stesso uno scatto più deciso nel chiuderli e a quel punto non li perderete più.

    J’ai acheté ces boucles d’oreilles suite à l’achat précédent du collier. J’en suis ravie ! Elles sont très jolies, élégantes, livrées dans un écrin idéal pour offrir. La taille est ni trop grosse, ni trop petite. Le coloris or rose est vraiment sympa et moderne. Elles sont de qualité et agréables à porter. Du plus bel effet avec le collier de la même série. La livraison est rapide. Je recommande

    J’ai acheté ces BO suite aux nombreux commentaires positifs sur ce produit.

    Elles sont effectivement magnifiques !

    Très élégantes, elles s’accorderont à presque tous les styles vestimentaires et tous les âges.

    Excellent rapport qualité/prix, un cadeau à se faire soi-même ou à offrir !

    I finally had enough and decided to try a “Kosiner hoop earring” to see if it would be a comfortable option for me to wear and hopefully keep my piercings open.

    I ordered the 9mm/1.12G earrings because I wanted a smaller sized earring in a wire gauge that would be slightly larger than my usual earring hooks/posts. I ordered the sterling silver because I have sensitive skin and was concerned about my skin reacting to the metal.

    They were a bit challenging to get them through my piercings because they’re very small in diameter so there’s just not a lot of earrings to hold onto. Also, as I already mentioned, I ordered a wire gauge that was larger than usual earring hooks/posts so I had to deal with the frustration and pain of getting the larger wire through my relatively small piercings.

    But the pain was completely worth it! I’ve been wearing the earrings 24/7 since receiving them approximately 2 months ago. There was some initial irritation because of needing to force the earrings through my partially closed piercings, but I treated it with regular cleaning and rotating the earrings so they would heal right.

    Je n’avais pas de Boucles d’oreilles pour aller avec un collier en argent sur lequel resplendit une jolie goutte mauve !…

    Je me suis offert cette paire , juste pour me faire plaisir d’ailleurs le prix de ce bijou était très attractif!!!…

    Merci beaucoup; Salutations distinguées : Madame APPRIOU Geneviève.

    There are very, very, very tiny raised spots on the earrings at the clasp and the hinge, and as my ears were healing those could hurt as I rotated the earrings through my piercings, but after my piercings healed it’s not been an issue.

    I had originally thought I would wear these earrings for a month or so, then only put them on occasionally to keep the piercings open, but at this point, they’re so comfortable I don’t really see a reason to remove them!

  • I received my two sets of earrings yesterday.
    beautiful, with thanks
    love your little container also.
    well done.

    Mary Montgomery

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