How To Clean Pearls | Guide For Real Pearl Earrings & Accessories

 Learn how to clean pearls

How To Clean Pearls - A Simple Guide For Real Pearl Earrings & Accessories

Whether you’ve been gifted a beautiful set of real pearl earrings, or you’ve inherited a classic pearl necklace from your mother or grandmother, keeping your pearl jewelry in good condition is key. When pearls are exposed to perfume, body lotion, cosmetics and fabrics, it can cause your pearls to lose their shine. So, it’s important to carry out regular maintenance to restore their lustre!

Some pearls need to be shined and cleaned with a leather cloth, whereas other pearls need proper care and attention due to their delicate nature. In this simple guide, we’re going to reveal our top tips on how to clean real, authentic pearl jewelry like a professional.

 Learn how to clean pearls

How To Clean Real Pearl Earrings & Necklaces

If you’re the proud owner of a set of real pearl earrings, or perhaps a delicate pearl necklace, you need to be careful when it comes to restoring the shine of your jewelry. Real pearls require gentle cleaning, so mix a solution of lukewarm water and a couple of drops of mild dish soap.

Making sure that the water is not too cold, and not too hot either, start by dipping a soft and clean cloth in the soapy solution and gentle wipe each pearl. This gentle cleaning method will remove buildup of oils and cosmetics, and will help to give your jewelry a natural shine. Allow a couple of minutes for your pearls to properly dry before wearing them or storing away safely.

 Learn how to clean pearls

Top Tips For Real Pearl Jewelry:

Here are 10 top tips for caring for your favorite pearl jewelry.

1: Invest in a soft leather cloth to clean real pearl earrings and give them a new lease of life.

2: If you happen to spill perfume or another substance onto your pearl jewelry, clean it immediately to prevent damage.

3: Keep real pearl earrings and necklaces in a jewelry box and separate from other accessories to prevent scratches.

4: Never dip a pearl necklace into water as this can weaken the silk thread holding the pearls together.

5: Do not use harsh chemicals or a UV light to clean pearl jewelry, as this can cause considerably damage to the exterior of your pearls.

6: Wait until you are dressed, and have sprayed your perfume before putting on pearl jewelry. This will minimise the risk of contamination from cosmetics, hairspray, perfume, oils and body lotion.

7: Keep pearl necklaces in a draw or jewelry box lying down flat, rather than hung on a jewelry stand. The weight of the pearls can actually weaken the silk thread of the necklace, which will inevitably reduce the lifespan of your jewelry.

8: Soft pearls are more likely to be damaged by other jewelry and accessories, so keep soft pearls in a separate place. Consider a fabric lined jewelry box or use a velvet or silk jewelry bag. Pearls need to be kept dry, but also allowed to breathe too, so don’t wrap them up tightly.

9: Never be afraid to wear your pearls. Although they may be expensive, a sentimental piece of jewelry or a family heirloom, jewelry is meant to be worn. It would be such a shame to never wear such a naturally beautiful accessory.

10: Remember that real pearl earrings and accessories are organic and can change and go yellow with time. But with proper care and attention you can whiten your pearls and make them sparkle using gentle and regular cleaning methods.

What Can Damage Pearl Jewelry?

Prevention is far better than a cure, so when it comes to caring for your pearl jewelry, knowing what could cause damage to your pearls, will help prevent problems in the future.

When caring for pearl jewelry, be careful what you use to wipe your pearls. Since you’re cleaning an organic material, they can react badly to harsh chemicals and cleaning products. So to avoid changing the color of your pearl necklaces and accessories, only ever use warm water and a couple of drops of dish soap. Avoid fabric clothes that could scratch the delicate surface of the pearls and take your time when cleaning.

If you want to wear pearls during a warm summers day, be careful. Pearls can quickly dry out in high temperature and this will cause discoloration and lead to a dull looking pearl. Instead, save pearl jewelry for an evening look or during the colder months of the year.

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